Fantasy Cricket: All You Need To Know About It

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Fantasy Cricket

Cricket is a changing game. Fans are becoming increasingly involved in the sport, from being able to vote in live polls in T20 cricket to now being able to ask questions in post-match interviews over Twitter. Fantasy Cricket is a game designed to bring fans even closer to the action, making them care about every run, wicket and dot ball. Like other fantasy sports, the premise is simple. The player chooses an online squad of cricketers, who then earn points according to how well each cricketer does in real life. Points are scored whenever a cricketer scores runs, takes wickets and takes catches. There are numerous ways in which players earn points, sometimes per boundary and through economy rates. However, to make the game harder, you usually have a certain “budget” for picking your squad. Each cricketer is then attributed a “price” according to their ability, which means that the player cannot just pick the eleven best. Most formats usually specify certain criteria that your squad must fulfil, for instance requiring a certain number of batsmen, a wicket-keeper, and a certain number of bowlers.

Fantasy Cricket Examples
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Fantasy cricket is becoming increasingly more popular. Most franchise T20 leagues host their own fantasy games, with the IPL Fantasy League being one of the most popular fantasy games in the past. Part of the reason why it is so popular is because it is free to enter and they have many great prizes on offer. The ICC themselves have acknowledged how popular Fantasy Cricket is and they host free fantasy games for the majority of official ICC tournaments. Many private sites have now been set-up, which involve a pay-to-play system and they offer cash prizes. The evolution of Fantasy Cricket has changed the way in which fans are in involved in the game and provides an exciting accompaniment to the on-field action.

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